Steven Gerrard

Liverpool FC 1998-2015

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The story of Steven George Gerrard is one that will be passed on for generations to come.

It is one that will be etched into folklore. One that is unlikely to be repeated again in our lifetimes.

It tells how a child’s realisation of his special talent while kicking a ball around with friends on Huyton’s Bluebell estate, morphed into a man’s realisation of his dream of becoming his club’s talisman.

The stats will only tell half the story. The hero worship from Liverpool supporters from every inch of the earth tells the rest.

Steven Gerrard isn’t just another player to have donned the red jersey – more than any other he’s epitomised the values and character of Liverpool Football Club.

He’s dedicated every piece of his fibre to the club’s cause over the last quarter of a century and leaves Anfield as a bonafide legend.

Many dream the dream. Steven Gerrard has lived it.

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