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Chapter 2 The Liverpool FC Story

November 29, 1998. A date that will always hold special significance for Liverpool Football Club.

With the Reds entering stoppage-time of a routine 2-0 win over Blackburn Rovers, Anfield was treated to sight of a gangly teenager tucking in a jersey, perhaps one size too big, into his shorts and receiving a pat on the head from Phil Thompson.

That youngster was Steven Gerrard, handed his Liverpool debut as a replacement for Vegard Heggem.

The 18-year-old was a highly rated prospect within the walls of Melwood and the Academy but little did anyone, let alone the man himself, know what was to follow over the next 17 years.

His is the story every young football fanatic dreams about when having a kick around in their garden – the local lad, rising through the ranks to become captain, lifting trophies, scoring the most unbelievable and crucial of goals, as well as becoming an icon for his home city.

Steven Gerrard has lived that dream. And every one of us has been privileged to have joined him on his incredible journey.

From pretending to be Kenny Dalglish on the Bluebell Estate in Huyton to hoisting aloft Liverpool FC's fifth European Cup on the banks of the Bosporus, the Gerrard story is one you have to admire, regardless of your allegiances.

Steven Gerrard. A Liverpool legend in every sense of the word.

7 Great Goals

Chapter 2 The Liverpool FC Story

The Anfield Farewell

Chapter 2 The Liverpool FC Story

Steven Gerrard said farewell to Anfield after 17 years on an emotionally-charged afternoon against Crystal Palace on Saturday May 16, 2015.

Though the Reds ultimately lost the contest 3-1, the occasion very much belonged to the Liverpool captain as fans showed their appreciation for everything he'd done for them over the course of 700-plus appearances.

As Gerrard made his way onto the pitch, both sets of players formed a guard of honour, while supporter mosaics in the Lower Centenary and Kop stands read 'CAPTAIN' and 'S8G'.

Despite the result, Kopites were determined to show Gerrard exactly what he means to them and all day long, the stadium serenaded the No.8 loudly and proudly with the numerous chants they've sung all over the world in tribute to their hero.

Even the visitors from Crystal Palace got in on the act, chanting: "There's only one Steven Gerrard."

Afterwards, the 34-year-old held back the tears as he addressed his adoring fans before embarking on a lap of honour around the pitch with his teammates.

Gerrard told supporters: "It felt very strange. I've been dreading this moment and the reason being is because I'm going to miss it so much. I've loved every minute of it and I'm absolutely devastated I'm never going to play in front of these supporters again."

"Before the tears come, I want to say I've played in front of most supporters in the world, but let me tell you – you are the best."


End of an Era

"He's a player and person that is irreplaceable. What he has given over his time here and the standards that he has set are second-to-none."

Brendan Rodgers

"Stevie's always been a role model. He's a leader, a captain and he has quality. It's not every day you find a player like him."

Lucas Leiva

The Anfield Farewell

Chapter 2 The Liverpool FC Story

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

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